Obtaining a liberal professional credit, an artisan credit or a merchant credit is far from simple. We will see the conditions to obtain a credit specific to artisans, traders or liberal professions. In our case, the loan will be granted to the borrower as an individual but not as a professional.

Get the best craftsman, trader or liberal profession credit

Get the best craftsman, trader or liberal profession credit

Professional credit is intended for the company and its representative but not for the individual as an individual. The professional loan of the artisan credit type is distributed by the banks and not by the consumer credit organizations.

Now nothing prevents you from taking out personal credit with an organization specializing in consumer credit and using the money for work. This is what it will be possible to do through our credit comparator and thus try to obtain the best merchant credit, craftsman credit and liberal profession credit. We will see that credit without CDI involves providing certain specific supporting documents.

The personal credit solution for your business

Our comparator specializes in personal consumer credit. It provides the best rates for a personal loan, a car loan or a work loan. The proposed credits are intended for individuals.

For example, the artisan credit will be a personal credit granted to an individual whose profession is artisan. In addition, a personal loan does not require proof of the funds made available. It is a loan of money without proof, to be used for both personal and professional projects. It is therefore entirely possible to use the money for the activity if that is what is desired. In order to be able to offer the best rates, we are constantly taking up credit offers whatever the amount, duration and project. This is how we are able to offer:

  • The best artisan credit> personal loan for artisan
  • Best liberal profession credit> personal loan for liberal profession
  • The best merchant credit> personal loan for merchants

Concretely get the best rate

Concretely get the best rate

Our system is not limited to offering a ranking of the best rates. Too many organizations offer very low call rates without providing a lot of credit.

To multiply the chances of obtaining the best rate in concrete terms, we have developed an exclusive questionnaire which makes it possible to obtain a non-binding assessment of the organization which offers the best rate in relation to each individual’s file. This allows you to know if you can really claim the best rate or if you have to fall back on the offer with the 2nd best rate or the 3rd best rate. All this is done in just 1 click and really increases the chances of obtaining credit without a bank.

Obtain a merchant credit – artisan credit

To obtain a merchant credit using our questionnaire, simply select the “merchant” profession when the professional activity is requested. In the same way, it will be necessary to choose the profession “craftsman” for the craftsman credit. In all cases, for the type of contract, choose “other”. Regarding income, you must take all the sums earned during the previous year and divide them by 12 to define the monthly income. The easiest way is to take the income declared to tax the previous year. If your activity is less than 24 months old, there is very little chance that the merchant loan or the artisan loan will be granted.

Proof to obtain a merchant credit – artisan credit

Without a pay slip, it is generally a photocopy (front and back) of the tax notice that is requested, but certain organizations go as far as requesting the balance sheet for the previous year.

As an example, Bankate requests the tax assessment for the previous year. For an artisan or merchant loan, Franfinance requests the tax notice for the last 2 years and the CERFA bundle for any request greater than a 15,000 USD credit.

Obtain a liberal profession credit

To obtain a liberal profession credit, it works almost in the same way than for an artisan / merchant loan.

Of course, you must choose “liberal profession” in the question on the profession and “other” in type of contract.
What differs for the liberal profession credit is the type of supporting document. 

In all cases, the precise supporting documents to be provided will be indicated in the emails from the credit organizations as well as in the letters accompanying the contract proposal by mail.

Get professional credit

Get professional credit

The artisan loan or the merchant loan is also sought in the context of professional financing. This type of financing is mainly managed by the banks and in particular by the merchant or craftsman’s bank.

On the subject of professional credit, we don’t have a lot of advice to give. Because if it is not our own experience as credit specialists, we have not found a way to make competition between banks easy. In fact, the only way to bring competition into play is to already have several banks involved in the management of your business. However, this practice is only reserved for large SMEs.

And why not crowdfunding?

If the bank does not respond to a request for a craftsman credit or a professional loan, an alternative nevertheless exists. If it is not possible to obtain a professional credit – craftsman – trader as part of our personal loan offer or that of the bank: go through crowdfunding.

If we are ready to devote a little to animate our networks, sites offer to solicit relatives, acquaintances, customers etc … so that they participate in the financing of the company. This system relies on completely free donations or against services or goods.

For example, if a baker needs to buy a new machine, he can offer a person giving him 10 USD to have his bread free for a week when he can buy the machine.